Laboratories and Equipment

The Cell Culture and Cytogenetics Facility (CCCF) is located in the Department of Human Genetics on the third floor of the Parran Hall Laboratory Pavilion Annex in the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. The CCCF laboratory includes facilities for cell culture, molecular genetics, molecular cytogenetics, classical cytogenetics, automated karyotyping, and fluorescence imaging.

The cell culture space is located in a separate room with a single entrance off of the main laboratory and contains the necessary equipment for cell harvesting, cell culture, laminar flow biosafety cabinet, four Forma single-chamber water-jacketed CO2 cell culture incubators, an Olympus inverted microscope, stereo microscope for tissue dissection, Jouan CR3i refrigerated tabletop centrifuge, and a water bath. Long-term cryogenic storage is available in a Forma Cryoplus 2 Liquid nitrogen freezer.

The CCCF laboratory houses facilities for chemical and reagent preparation (a chemical fume hood, Mettler balance, magnetic stirrers, vortexers, and pH meter) and storage (separate cabinets for flammables and acids), dishwashing, autoclaving, Millipore water purification system, refrigeration, and freezing, classical and molecular cytogenetics and proteomics equipment, such as centrifuges, microfuge, water baths, slide warmer, gel boxes, power supplies, BioRad PowerPacs, ultrasonic cell disruptor and forced air convection ovens. The cytogenetics facility includes two Olympus fluorescence/brightfield photomicroscopes and three Olympus light/phase contrast microscopes, with an automated karyotyping system (two networked workstations of a Leica Biosystems Genus CytoVision software automated karyotyping/FISH/comparative genomic hybridization.

A climate controlled shaker for bacterial culture, thermal cyclers for DNA labeling, a PCR hood, Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers, and a 12K flex Real time PCR system are located in the main laboratory, as is additional Department of Human Genetics shared genomics and proteomics equipment. The CCCF utilizes other University of Pittsburgh shared resources/cores for highly specialized services.

Cell Culture and Cytogenetics Facility
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Human Genetics
3060 Parran Hall Lab Annex-5C
130 De Soto Street
Pittsburgh PA, 15261

412-624-5358 (Laboratory)
412-624-5390 (Dr. Gollin's Office)